On Friday, June 26, 2015, I photographed Katie and Trevor's wedding at the Dutchess Manor located in the Hudson Valley.  I got to see some familiar faces and work with the wonderful staff who provided great service.  It was a beautiful day considering the forecast called for rain.  I got to capture beautiful photos of the couple as the sun was setting over the Hudson River.   Here are a few teasers.   Enjoy!  (scroll down to read more..

Earlier that morning, I arrived at Katie's house assuming I was going to enter into a house of complete chaos as I usually do.  Nope! This was the total opposite.  Katie was the most organized Bride EVER; her hair and makeup were done along with her 6 bridesmaids.  I thought, WOW this is great!  Every photographers dream -- "I have the time to get creative" (which I absolutely love)!  Katie enthusiastically said to me, "lets do some sexy Boudoir shots for my hubby!"  I was all for it.  With that being said, we got some great boudoir photos, (Trevor's eyes only).  It's something I've never got to do with a bride before!  I would highly recommend it to my future clients.  Katie's great organization skills and her trust in me, allowed the time to do so.  Thanks Katie! 

I knew instantly these two were head over heals for each other from the smile on Katie's face stretching ear to ear.  Her face lit up so bright, as she walked down the isle.  She literally glowed.  There is no doubt they have a strong chemistry.  You could feel the connection between them and it made me smile just from watching.  Katie and Trevor together looked like royalty. 

This crowed was definitely fun and full of energy with the help from Desrty DJ Entertainment located in the Hudson Valley.  

  Thank you Katie and Trevor for letting me be a part of your special day!